Our skills in programmed work includes home improvements such as the installation of kitchens and bathrooms as well as cyclical works such as painting programmes and electrical testing.

All programmes are project managed to ensure works are planned and timescales met. One of the critical parts of our work on programmes is delivered through our customer care and liaison team who act as a link between customers and site teams ensuring a customer focused and flexible service supported by our back office customer care team.

We believe customers should be involved in the development of programmes then in their delivery.

Current programmes:

  • Planned improvements 
    SLH is dedicated to ensuring that all our existing housing stock is well maintained and meets the SLH Standard of Decency. We regularly re-inspect our homes for an update on their condition.

    Programmes of replacement are planned and delivered through our Planned Improvements Programme, and could include: kitchen renewals, bathroom renewals, boiler replacement programme, heating systems, electronic periodic testing, high performance door replacement programme, window replacement programme, fencing programme, tree programme, communal area upgrades.

  • Cyclical maintenance
    In addition to completing day to day repairs, SLH Home service completes a regular maintenance work programme to keep your home in good condition.

    This programme is referred to as the Cyclical Maintenance Programme and covers maintenance like: pre-paint repairs to yard gates and external WC, painting of all previously painted elevations to the property, cleaning out of rainwater gutters, repair of gutters and rainwater downspouts, window maintenance including servicing of all windows and locks and hinges.

  • Environmental Service
    The benefits of maintaining our green spaces are well documented. Not only do they promote a sense of well-being they can also help to improve public health through exercise and increase community cohesion.