New Chair of Board appointed for South Liverpool Homes

Published: 1 December 2017

South Liverpool Homes (SLH) is delighted to announce Steve Jennings as the new Chair of its Board.

Steve brings a wealth of experience having worked in the housing sector for 40 years, including 14 years as Chief Executive of Weaver Vale Housing Trust before he retired in May 2017. 

Steve will take up official duties in September 2018 when the current chair, Rob Brown, stands down following a maximum nine years on the Board and two years as Chair.

Steve has served on the SLH Board for over six years and is looking forward to continuing to steer SLH’s strategic direction in his new role.

“I am really proud to be given the opportunity to serve as Chair of SLH and will work closely with Rob over the next nine months to ensure a smooth transition.  Speke Garston is an area that’s really close to my heart; my grandparents were among the first people to move to Speke, so I bring both a personal and professional commitment to my work on the Board.

“This is a challenging time for the housing sector, but also a time where there are lots of opportunities. SLH are using these opportunities to expand into the commercial sector as well as building over 200 homes over the next three years and I look forward to leading the organisation through these exciting times whilst continuing to deliver excellent services.”

Julie Fadden, Chief Executive of SLH said: “We are delighted that Steve has been appointed as our new Chair.  His extensive experience in the housing sector will continue to be a powerful asset to the Group and I am looking forward to working with Steve to ensure South Liverpool’s long-term future whilst helping us continue to achieve our corporate objectives.”

“Steve will transition into the role over the next nine months, working hand-in-hand with Rob and SLH board members before formally commencing his role in September 2018.”